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System testing competence

We offer you our experience from many years of testing in the field of solar heating and cooling systems and their components. Thus, we support your projects for the development of new products with tailored test equipment and profiles according to your requirements. Contact us and discuss your ideas and needs with us.

Accredited testing laboratory

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SPF is accredited in accordance with EN 12976 – our test reports are acknowledged all over Europe.

  • EN 12976-1, EN 12976-2
    Factory made systems for domestic hot water preparation
    European standards
  • ISO/DIS 9459-5
    DST method for thermal performance characterisation
    International standards
  • EN 12977-1, -2, -3, -4, -5
    Custom built systems for domestic hot water preparation and for space heating (combistores):
    - Tests for the stores (50 – 3000 l)
    - Tests for control equipment
    - Simulations for the complete system
    European standards

These tests serve as the basis for international certifications such as:


Combisystem testing

  • Performance and functional tests on solar combi-systems
  • Improvement of the interaction between solar components and auxiliary backup heating (oil, gas, pellets, heat pumps and PV)

More information about this test method.